f(x) takes another music show trophy for “4 Walls” on KBS Music Bank

For this week’s Music Bank broadcast, the top 2 artists for the #1 placings were f(x) and IU!

Aired on November 6th, IU was not present as she is currently not undergoing official promotions for her newest album CHAT-SHIRE. However, with her digital music chartings high, she was one of the contenders for this week’s award.

Winning with 7,105 points to a close 6,622 points was f(x), taking home their second music show trophy this week for their title track “4 Walls”!

Undoubtedly filled with emotions as the immense support they have been receiving for their comeback and though no obvious tears were given this time, the four members of f(x) happiness could be seen pouring through them as they thanked their fans, company officials, and SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man.

f(x) took home their very first win on M! Countdown just the day previous. Congratulations to f(x)!