f(x)’s Amber to make solo debut in February of next year

News has it that f(x)‘s Amber is confirmed for a solo debut due in February 2015!

Although Amber was the last member of f(x) to participate in individual promotional activities on television shows, she is the first to be releasing an album of her own. The Taiwanese-American singer will be aiming for her solo debut album to be released in February next year, although the exact date has not been announced by SM Entertainment yet.

While the other members of f(x) are busy acting in dramas and movies, Amber will try to take on a musical route by releasing an album with music of a different style compared to f(x)’s.

After f(x)’s short promotion of their third album Red Light, released in July earlier this year, the members have taken up individual roles in acting. Victoria is starting to be busy with her upcoming Chinese drama Beautiful Secret, Krystal has just ended with her female lead role in SBS drama My Lovely Girl, while Sulli, who is supposedly taking a break from the entertainment industry, has also appeared on movie screens with her latest work Fashion King. Meanwhile, Amber kept herself busy as an MC for KBS variety program A Song For You.

While Amber has had a tomboyish look as a powerful rapper for the group up until now, she has her charm with her easygoing character, gaining herself many female fans alongside male fans.

With the release of this news, fans are wondering if Amber will make her debut with a more feminine look, as she has yet to fulfill her promise to wear a skirt and high heels from when Ailee won #1 on music shows in October.

Source: dongA.com