[★VIDEO] f(x)’s Amber shows off her Mandarin skills on “100% Entertainment”

As f(x)’s Amber traveled to Taiwan to promote her latest solo mini-album Beautiful, she appeared on popular variety show 100% Entertainment, where she revealed interesting stories about her childhood while speaking in Mandarin!

First broadcasted on April 2nd and uploaded to YouTube on April 9th, the show started off with Amber talking about her trainee days. Then, one of the hosts, popular Taiwanese singer Show Luo, revealed that he had met Amber before and thought she was really outgoing but that she said, “How come you look so tall?!” upon meeting him, indicating that she initially thought he was short and wore insoles.

After playing some games with the hosts, Amber moved onto speaking about her family and childhood. In particular, Amber revealed that she often got into fights with her sister when they were young, and their father would punish them by making them stand still for three hours while hugging each other.

Upon hearing this, Show Luo commented, “That’s a good punishment…can I be punished along with your sister?” drawing laughter from Amber.

Amber also showed the hosts a picture of her crying while filming Real Men. In relation to the incident, Amber revealed, “My Korean isn’t perfect. I’ve been in Korea for seven years but I don’t understand complicated Korean…when I went into the military, I really didn’t understand anything.

Amber continued, “I asked them to explain what they’re saying and they responded with, ‘Why are you not focused on listening to what I’m saying?!’ so I apologized and said I need to focus more. However, I still couldn’t understand what they were saying. I’m a perfectionist, so I thought I was a fool for not being able to understand.

Amber also revealed many other stories – be sure to watch the full episode below!