f(x)’s Victoria sells her own clothing and more at her very own flea market

On December 21st, Victoria from f(x) hosted her very first flea market where she sold multiple items from her own closet such as clothing, shoes, accessories and much more at an affordable price. 

Victoria’s flea market was held as part of “SMTOWN Land” in Coex Artium where products were sold for as low as 10,000W ($10) and up to 50,000W ($50).

Before the event took place, Victoria posted two short clips on her personal Instagram account and gave followers a preview of what she was selling. The short clips showed hundreds of clothing item as well as a preview of how the flea market was set up. After which, Victoria posted an Instagram photo that shared selcas as well as photos of the staff while the caption thanked those who helped.

The flea market was part of “SMTOWN Land” pre-opening launch held on December 20th, with Girls’ Generation, SHINee, EXO and f(x) in attendance.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Victoria is working with Taiwanese actor Peter Ho (He Rum Dong) for an upcoming idol drama, Beautiful Secretwhich is the sequel to the 2013 Chinese drama, Shining Days.