G-Dragon professes his love for VIPs on Instagram

BIGBANG leader G-Dragon makes VIPs aware of his love for them on a recent update to his Instagram following the end of the Shanghai concert series.

Having just completed the final concert date of BIGBANG’s MADE stop in Shanghai, which lasted from June 19th through the 21st, dressed in his fur-like coat and his red hair hanging from his eyes, G-Dragon gives a thumbs up to the camera and wrote a simple but effective post, “VIP…❤️” on June 21st.

Fans following his SNS account left comments such as, “VIP fighting,” “I’m so sorry, but I love you,” “Love you,” “Oppa, I’m sorry.. I love you,” and “Forever VIP.”

Many are seen apologizing to G-Dragon as the fandom was not able to gain an award for the group for either of their June releases, “BANG BANG BANG” or “We Like 2 Party,” with EXO sweeping all six music show awards this week with “Love Me Right.”

No matter the awards, G-Dragon shows that he loves his fans awards or not because they have always shown their support for him and BIGBANG.


Source: X Sports News

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