g.o.d’s Joon Park shares some photos from his honeymoon in Rome with fans

Soon after holding his wedding ceremony and celebrating with close friends on June 26th, Joon Park and his new wife immediately went on their honeymoon the next day of which he has shared photos of recently.

On July 3rd, Joon Park updated from Rome, Italy, where he was seen enjoying the tourists areas including the Vatican and the Colosseum. He writes, “Rome…Wow everything I used to read about and only see in pictures in the art history books in my college dayz… So much history and so mystical and beautiful~ But.. so HOT here! BBBAAAMMM~!!!^^”, using the honeymoon hashtag in his post.

Unfortunately, other than the wedding photos shared through other celebrities and their pre-wedding photos, Joon Park’s wife is nowhere to be seen in his vacationing/honeymoon photos, most likely to keep herself out of the limelight.

Joon Park married his girlfriend of 13 years in June.

Source: X Sports News