Ga In announces comeback date and teaser photo for “hawwah”

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In reveals the first official teaser photo along, announcing the release and comeback date for her new track “hawwah.”

A year after releasing her album Truth or Dare, Ga In is currently preparing for her comeback with the single, “hawwah.” Uploading a teaser photo on her official Facebook, Ga In sports a new blue hair style as she stares out of focus into the camera.

With her hair spayed wildly, the singer wears a tight, black sequined top which clashes with her solemn expression. Additionally, her skin has a chalky and pale appearance that shows a moody and serious concept ahead.

Ga In recently also revealed other images regarding her new album which includes a series of illustrations. The date for the release of the track is scheduled for March 12th.

Source: Xports News