Ga In shares new illustration for “hawwah” comeback

Following announcement of her solo comeback, Ga In shared an additional illustration for her upcoming release with “hawwah.”

Published through her official Facebook page, a message from Cho Young Chul PD was posted, “Ga In’s album theme is ‘hawwah.’ The author Nanan drew this sketch. I like it.  #Gain #hawwah #nanan (From. 조영철 PD).”

In a similar pink tone as the first jacket teaser, the new photo illustrates the form of a woman’s face with smoothly drawn lines in a green-blue color, her hair flowing behind her with feathers adorning the front of her hair where it parts. The album’s title hawwah is written above her.

Though no release date for the album has been announced yet, Ga In is expected to return in mid-March.