Ga In shares her thoughts on the conservative music industry

In a recent interview with Billboard, Ga In sat down to talk about her latest mini-album Hawwah and its title tracks “Paradise Lost” and “Apple” and more.

Known for her music videos and tracks that would often be banned from broadcast, the artist was also recognized by Fuse TV for the dark atmosphere of “Paradise Lost.”

The Brown Eyed Girls member revealed that she was not expecting such high rankings for her tracks as they are not typically what the pop audience enjoys. Leading off that, she launched into a discussion about the inevitability of the industry’s conservative nature.

She shared, “Being conservative is unavoidable, I think. Since artists don’t have many opportunities to show their performance, they need to appear on music programs. As I said before, music programs have inevitable regulations — like its airing time, the age of its viewers — so it’s the norm [that many songs are released] to be accepted by all. So, sometimes I feel sorry but I should accept it.” However, these restrictions have far from stopped Ga In as she has continued to release music within that similar sexy and racy genre.

Finally, Ga In gave fans a treat by again confirming the Brown Eyed Girls comeback set for this year. Although it appears that recording has not yet begun, she hopes to have a good result with the upcoming comeback – and possibly another solo album for herself.


Source: Billboard