GD X Taeyang address concerns over BIGBANG’s comeback delays

In a recent string of interviews, GD x Taeyang has addressed their most frequently-asked question: When is BIGBANG going to come back?

BIGBANG has an overwhelming amount of fans, both domestic and international, who have been patiently waiting for the comeback that the mega-group has announced at one of their concerts earlier in the year.

This has been addressed by G-Dragon and Taeyang in an interview conducted by OSEN, in which they apologised, saying, “We are sorry, we have been trying to improve our music and that is delaying our comeback.” They concluded the apology with a respectful bow, apologizing to their fans for the delay.

Taeyang then went on to justify that, “BIGBANG needs to have a phenomenal album, especially because we were on hiatus for so long. Personally I am constantly thinking about my direction after this album since my 20’s will come to an end along with this album. I can’t be 100% sure but I think the direction in my 30’s will depend a lot on Big Bang’s next album as well,” expressing his concerns on his future goals.

G-Dragon also commented on the topic saying, “My personal goal is to not make an album just because we are pressured but to make an album but when we are 100% satisfied ourselves.”

During the interview, they also mentioned the possibility of entering the American music industry, to which he stated, “I think it helps every artist to set their final goal as making it in the United States. It forces you to improve yourself constantly. I think it was like that with PSY hyung as well. I also think your fandom splits when you announce that you are making a move to a certain country. Music isn’t something you export. You could listen to something just passing by and become a fan. I don’t yet think it is time though. If I continue focusing on what I’m good at I think the day will come.”

It was also during the same interview where both members talked about the taboo of dating in the music industry, leaving to G-Dragon to neither confirm or deny his public relationship with Japanese model, Kiko Mizuhara.

GD x Taeyang recently collaborated for the single “Good Boy”, which has already shown early signs of immense success, through the achievement of an all-kill on world-wide music charts and reaching 3 million views in 39 hours on Youtube.

Source: OSEN