Girl’s Day releases KakaoTalk emoticons

On November 13th, KakaoTalk released 24 new emoticons of Girl’s Day for users to download and use in their SNS conversations.

The emoticons, which feature the members of Girl’s Day, can be used for a wide range of reactions, including love, anger, happiness, and more! Unlike some previous K-Pop themed stickers which include caricature versions of the idols, Girl’s Day’s emoticons feature realistic depictions of the members that really capture their beauty and charm. The stickers feature all four members of the group: Minah, Sojin, Hyeri, and Yura.

The members of Girl’s Day have shown their popularity by featuring in various music videos and dramas as well as CFs. The Dream Tea Entertainment group was among the Top 10 artists of the year according to the 2014 MelOn Music Awards, which the group also performed at. Girl’s Day will also be appearing at the KStar Fanfest in Singapore on November 21st.

On top of all that, the group had also announced earlier this month that they would be releasing an album containing their greatest hits, for limited release in Japan on November 26th. November sure has been a busy month for Girl’s Day!