[★TRENDING] Girl’s Day Sojin reveals she is attracted to D.O?

Girl’s Day member Sojin recently revealed her ideal type on a radio talk show and netizens react, assuming she is describing EXO member D.O.

Girl’s Day visited the radio talk show program Old School hosted by DJ DOC member Kim ChangRyul. On this show, Sojin was whether she has an ideal type, in regards to men.

Sojin answered:

“I like a nice man who is also stubborn. I don’t care about the looks but I like a person with a big mouth. I also look at their eyes a lot but I really don’t mind the height at all.”


The incident was then posted to a Korea blog. Originally titled “Sojin is now dating openly,” many fans have been connecting her ideal type to rumors that Sojin was dating EXO member D.O. The post was also captioned she is “openly pointing out someone.”

After the post was made, many netizens started commenting regarding Sojin’s dating scandal with EXO member D.O.

Here are the top comments linking Girl’s Day Sojin and EXO member D.O.

[ +145 / -174] D.O really needs to get his mind together…. But I guess they are dating each other because they are alike?

[ +136 / -93] She doesn’t have a normal personality because she was on KoonTV and switched her chopsticks after feeding the host. D.O. also has a weird taste in women

[ +38 / -27] I guess she really doesn’t look at height since she is already dating someone who is shorter than her

Source: Nate