Girl’s Day’s Sojin shares adorable “rock, paper, scissors” selcas

Girl’s Day Sojin has always posted adorable selcas on her Instagram. This time, the fans have frenzied over her latest triple and cute “rock, paper, scissors” selcas.

On October 18th, Sojin posted a series of photos with the caption, “Rock! Sissors! Paper! … just kidding! Came to watch Kim Won Joong‘s show.”

The fans praised her photos, commenting, “What is your secret to your cuteness”, “You must have went to ‘Seoul Fashion Week'”, “Sojin’s ‘rock, paper, scissors’ is so adorable”, and many more.

Girl’s Day recently released their new ballad single “I Miss You”, a collaboration between the group and Duble Sidekick, with the release its music video and fan letter video on October 15th.

Source: Girl’s Day So Jin’s Instagram


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