Girl’s Day’s Yura is teary on the set of “On Rainy Days” MV

On February 2nd, Girl’s Day released a photo of Yura on their official Facebook, revealing a still image from indie band Party Street’s upcoming music video for “On Rainy Days.”

The vocalist will be making an appearance as an actress in Party Street’s music video, “On Rainy Days.” In the photo, Yura is seen shedding tears as she holds a yellow umbrella while a dark shadow appears on the side of the photo.

Party Street debuted as a four member group in 2010 with their first mini-album, Swimming Inside You, and has recently signed a contract with Dream Tea Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Girl’s Day is expected to have a comeback during the second half of 2015. Although Dream Tea Entertainment is currently in the processes of creating Girl’s Day’s concept, the agency shared that the group “will be back with an upgrade to another level.”

“On Rainy Days” is schedule to be released on February 4th.

Take a peek at Yura’s emotional acting here: