Girls’ Generation, Apink, Ailee, and INFINITE suspected to all comeback on the same day

Many of Korea’s top groups are preparing for a comeback this summer with at least four rumored to be returning on the same date!

Groups include girl group Girls’ Generation, Apink, Ailee, and INFINITE.

Girls’ Generation has been working hard to perfect their new album as it is the first release as an eight-member group while Apink was said to have chosen their title track after much difficulty. Ailee will be releasing her first full studio album since debuting three years ago and INFINITE is finally making a comeback as a group following member Sungkyu‘s solo promotions.

Despite all the agencies making their distributors aware of the release date for their artists, it’s very difficult for them all to avoid each other, pulling back or pushing forward a comeback, due to an “event season strategy.”

That is, when an artist releases an album and songs in early July, they will be able to promote well into August before preparing for the “event season” in September and October. Of course, in November and December are an artist’s busiest time of the year as they prepare for the end-of-the-year awards and music festivals.

Therefore, a lot of artists are up against one another, for example, AOA and SISTAR, who will be holding their comeback showcases on June 22nd at the same time of their release dates.

Even now, BIGBANG and EXO, whose release dates for their latest albums were only two days apart, are currently battling on the charts for #1.

Girls’ Generation is currently holding the #1 spot with the most members in their fan cafe with Apink coming in second. Ailee also has an advantage as a powerful vocalist while INFINITE also boasts a strong fanbase.

Undoubtedly, the 2015 summer will feature the hottest and fiercest comebacks in K-pop history.

Source: Sports Donga