Go behind-the-scenes for Epik High’s “Preview Night” album premiere event

Epik High has released the behind-the-scenes video for their special event titled “Preview Night”, which invited fans and music lovers to listen to their new album Shoebox days prior to its release.

Released on October 25th, the video takes viewers into the event with Tablo, Mithra and DJ Tukuz speaking to their audience about their album in a very cozy and intimate atmosphere. Commentaries by Hiphopplaya‘s founder Kim Yong Joon, producer DJ Soulscape, songwriter Kim Dong Yeong, and listeners Ha Jin Joo and Lee Myung Soo were provided as they revealed their take on Epik High’s new album.

“Preview Night” took place on October 17th, four days prior to Shoebox‘s release online.

The popular hip-hop group has released music videos for their title tracks “Born Hater” and “Spoiler” and “Happen Ending”.