Yugyeom’s Acting Was So Smooth During GOT7’s Mafia Game Only Jackson Suspected Him

And the award for best actor goes to Yugyeom!

Although GOT7‘s Yugyeom has called out Jinyoung in the past for playing innocent during the mafia game, Yugyeom acted so innocently during a recent game that absolutely nobody, except for Jackson, suspected that he could be the mafia!


With MAMA season approaching fast, Mnet‘s Star Countdown has made a comeback with plenty of fun and exciting games and GOT7 recently got to join in on the fun with a dance mafia game challenge!


Even before the music started, they were all incredibly suspicious of one another and when the game started in earnest, well, let’s just say there were some extra moves thrown into their dance so they could keep an eye on each other!


With the game counting down, GOT7 were still no closer to figuring out who the mafia was. That is until one misstep immediately had everyone’s suspicions raised!


But Jackson’s suspicions over Yugyeom quickly backfired on Jackson as everyone quickly realized Jackson could very well be pointing the finger at Yugyeom to throw suspicion off himself!


And the evidence was definitely not in Jackson’s favor!


Knowing that the mafia had succeeded in completing most of their mission and with all that evidence stacked against Jackson, when it came time to vote for their top mafia pick, every bit of suspicion was on Jackson. The only problem? Jackson was most definitely not the mafia!


All along, the mafia was the person GOT7 least expected — Yugyeom!


With the reveal surprising everyone (except Jackson who suspected Yugyeom all along), fans are ready to give Yugyeom an award in acting because his innocent act was so convincing!


So when can we expect to see Yugyeom take on his next role?