HaHa receives backlash from netizens for supporting MC Mong’s comeback

Singer and entertainer HaHa have been receiving backlash from the netizens after expressing his support for MC Mong‘s comeback on Twitter.

On November 3rd, singer and entertainer HaHa updated his Twitter account with a message saying, “Friend.. I missed you..” with a link to MC Mong’s comeback music video. However, the public display of support for MC Mong’s comeback release after his recent military drafting controversy has received negative reactions from netizens.

MC Mong and HaHa have been close friends since their debut. In the past they have starred in Korean comedy series Non-Stop and hosted a radio program together as well. HaHa was  also featured on the narration track “Whatever” on MC Mong’s 6th album.

As MC Mong went on a 5 years of hiatus after causing a controversy with his enlistment in the army, netizens have been bashing on HaHa for supporting MC Mong’s comeback. Reportedly, the discussion board on MBC‘s Infinite Challenge has been flooded with harsh criticisms. Some commented, “I am disappointed,” “What are you trying to do?” “So thoughtless,” “Don’t cause inconvenience for Infinite Challenge”, and many more accusations towards Haha.

Many celebrity friends have received criticism for supporting MC Mong, resulting in an apology post by Baek Ji Young, with Son Dam Bi and Rainbow‘s Hyunyoung deleting their posts. However, Haha’s post is still up on his Twitter.

Meanwhile, MC Mong’s release of his 6th album MISS ME OR DISS ME, with a total of 13 tracks featuring top artists, has completely taken over online music charts.


Source: Joongang NewsSports Seoul