Hello Venus shares D-5 photo as comeback draws near

With only a few days remaining until the release of their new single, reorganized group Hello Venus has shared yet another photo on their SNS accounts as a teaser.

The photos, released on November 1st, features the beautiful Nara and Yoo Young posing coolly at the camera in front of a gummy bear filled bowl. The two Hello Venus members also munch on gummy bears themselves as the fruit gum candy stick out their mouth.

In addition to the photo of Nara and Yoo Young, Hello Venus wrote a personal message to fans on a whiteboard, asking them to anticipate their comeback. “Hello Venus comeback!!! D-5. Hwaiting! From Hello Venus,” it reads. The photo was accompanied by the post, “The cheer is so pretty~^^ Cute.”

Hello Venus will be releasing “Sticky Sticky” on November 6th, to which they have already released their first video teaser to.