HIGH4 to stage a Korean comeback and Japanese debut next year

On December 20th, N.A.P. Entertainment’s rookie group HIGH4 announced that they would be making a comeback in South Korea in January and debuting in Japan by February of 2015. 

The quartet, which is composed of members SungguAlexMyunghan, and Youngjun, made their official debut in August with “Headache,” after participating in popular collaborations with singers IU and Lim Kim through the tracks “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” and “A Little Close”, respectively.

The group is currently working with Japanese label Marvel Entertainment and is planning to make their Japanese debut with a large showcase in front of 30,000 fans at K-Stage O, which has served to popular K-pop artists such as SISTAR, Crayon Pop, U-KISS, and more. Afterwards, they are planning to attend Tower Record Shibuya‘s 13th annual K-POP LIVE LIVEFU  and will be making appearances to at least fifty live shows.

HIGH4 will kickstart their debut promotional activities in Japan on February 7th. Meanwhile, aside from preparing for their Japanese debut in February, HIGH4 also announced their plans of a comeback in South Korea this January.

Source: Sports Seoul

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