Hips vs Chest; BEAST’s Doojoon reveals which he prefers on “I Am a Man”

BEAST talks about their preference on women as they appear on KBS 2TV‘s entertainment program I am a Man, where Doojoon frankly answers a daring question from one of the hosts.

On the October 17th episode of I Am a Man, BEAST made a special appearance as guests for the episode and specifically discussed their preference on women. Among the humorous and honest topics discussed, Doojoon was daringly asked the question, “Do you prefer a girl with nice hips or nice chest?”, to which he replies, “Honestly, the chest.”

The reply initial shocked the members which led for Yoseob to make a comment, saying, “It’s hips over chest. Aren’t there correction undergarments for hips?”

Yoseob was then corrected by the women from the audience, reminding him of push-up bras, a correction undergarment for the chest area.

What are your thoughts on Doojoon and Yoseob’s ideal types? Check out the video of this hilarious segment here.

Source: SSTV