Fans Agree That HyunA Looks Flawless Even With A Bare Face

Which one do you prefer?

HyunA posted a daily makeup routine video on her YouTube channel and had fans shook with her before and after makeup photos.


She starts off the video with her bare face that looks flawless already.


She first applies sunscreen.


Then starts patting away with a BB cushion.


But her before and after foundation face seems to look the same?



Fans are shook at her flawless before and after photos.


Even after applying full makeup, fans still think her bare face is pure goals.


She starts off with some blush…






and eyebrows…



and of course some contouring.



Here’s her final look! We have to admit that she looks gorgeous with makeup too.



Fans are all for her bare face!









Watch her full tutorial below!



Source: nate pann