Hyunseung reunites with BIGBANG in a heartwarming selca after 8 years

Fans were definitely elated to see a reunion photo between Hyunseung and BIGBANG!

Their history goes all the way back to a decade ago, where the six members were trainees under YG Entertainment. Hyunseung was also featured in the BIGBANG Documentary in 2006, where the pre-debut process of the formation of BIGBANG was filmed into a series. Unfortunately, Hyunseung was eliminated in the survival program and BIGBANG debuted as five members while Hyunseung joined BEAST.

This is definitely a rare occasion to see all six of them together in one frame, and probably one of the first after more than eight years since the documentary show. With the exception of T.O.P posing with a quirky expression, the rest of them were showing all smiles, showing their lasting friendship while Hyunseung gets a hug from G-Dragon.

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During a recent interview, Hyunseung mentioned, “We contact one another once in a while. But we don’t specifically talk a lot just because we meet at broadcasting stations.”

Taeyang first updated his Instagram with the photo, followed by Hyunseung, who also shared the same photo on his Instagram. Taeyang captioned his photo with a news headline “BIGBANG and Hyunseung show off their unchanging friendship” #Ssenssyungie #BIGBANG #reunion,” while Hyunseung posted with a usual simple caption “2015.”