Who I’d love to look like if I were a man

Recently a popular female user on Pann posted a topic titled, “Male idols I’d want to resemble if I were a man”.

Her post directly translates into:

“Tell me who you’d want to look like. If I were to be biased, I’d say I want to have Leo’s hot body, Hongbin’s face and Ken’s humor and voice!! Personality I would take anyone’s. If I were to put my biases aside of course I’d want to look like T.O.P, L or Lim Siwan ㅋㅋ.”









[+ 98, – 7] I’m an ARMY but I would want L’s face, Nam Woo Hyun’s personality and Kim Nam Joon’s proportions

[+ 90, – 6] I’m a man and I’m really curious what it would feel like to live with L’s face

[+ 74, – 7] I wonder what it would feel like to live with T.O.P, L, or Siwan’s face

Source: Pann


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