These Are Eight Idols Netizens Are Shocked To Find Out Are Actually Foreigners

Netizens thought they were Korean!

These idols fit in with Korean society so much, netizens were shocked to find out they were actually foreigners!

1. NCT’s Mark

Netizens say that they had no idea Mark was Canadian, noting his amazing ability to speak and rap in Korean. Both of Mark’s parents are Korean but the idol was raised in Canada.

2. TWICE’s Sana

Many notes how great Sana‘s Korean is, stating her vocabulary is like that of native Koreans. Her taste of food is also similar to most Koreans. Some even say that her handwriting is better than most Koreans!


Jun‘s Korean name is Moon Junhee, so many people actually believed he was Korean and not Chinese. Netizens say that from his visuals to his pronunciation, he blends in as a native Korean!

4. I.O.I, PRISTIN Kyulkyung

Many note how Kyulkyung‘sKorean is so good that many forget that she is actually Chinese. Her Korean is so good, in fact, that she sometimes forgets Chinese words when speaking her native tongue! Netizens say the only thing that gives her away as a foreigner is her name.

5. Cherry Bullet’s Remi

Many were surprised to find out that Remi (real name Katsuna Risera) is actually Japanese! Many cite her visuals as being the main reason they thought she was Korean. The idol used to promote in a Japanese girl group Prism Mates before debuting in Korea.

6. (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi

Netizens commend Yuqi‘s pronunciation when she sings, saying that it’s very accurate. Her vocabulary is wide and extensive too. Many have mistaken her for being Korean, even if she’s only studied the language for two years.

7. Cosmic Girls’ Chengxiao

Chengxiao gained fame for her beautiful visuals and her golden proportions. Many people were surprised to find that the idol is actually Chinese, not Korean!

8. Cherry Bullet’s May

Due to her visuals, many believed that May is Korean. Netizens were shocked to find that the idol is actually Japanese!

Source: Nate