iKON trends on Twitter following “My Type” single release

Fans made iKON their favourite group on September 15th as they brought their warm-up single “My Type” on Twitter’s trending list. 

On September 15th, YG Entertainment made iKON feel welcome once more as they tease fans with their first single and music video for “My Type,” which featured the members in a casual and playful introduction rapping and singing about their ideal girl.

The single which was written and composed by members B.I and Bobby with the help of Kush and Choice37 immediately caught the attention of their fans as the tag #iKONisMyType topped Twitter’s worldwide trends hours after its release.


“My Type” is a track released to warm their fans as they prepare with six tracks from Welcome Back starting on October 1st, kickstarting their debut promotions. It will soon be followed by an additional six tracks on November 2nd.