iKON’s Bobby joins YG Entertainment’s 2nd hip-hop project group

Following the immense success of YG Entertainment‘s first hip-hop project duo and with the approaching date of the next single release of the second hip-hop group, the first member of the upcoming trio project has been revealed.

Announced on November 27th, the agency shares via YG-Life and their respective SNS accounts that iKON’s Bobby is the first member of hip-hop project 2!

Bobby has been undeniable popular the past couple months after winning Mnet’s rap survival program Show Me the Money 3, and has been confirmed to officially debut under YG Entertainment’s upcoming male group, iKON. In addition, he was recently featured in Epik High’s music video “Born Hater” and project duo HI SUHYUN‘s single “I’m Different,” unveiling his boyish and adorable charms in the music video.

The second hip-hop project group will consists of three members and is set to drop their single on December 2nd at midnight.