“Infinite Challenge” PD reveals the reason behind the Sixth Man Project

MBC‘s Infinite Challenge PD Kim Tae Ho recently revealed the true driving force behind the “Sixth Man Project.”

In a recent interview, PD Kim explained that although the “Sixth Man Project’s” primary goal was supposedly to select a contestant as a new member who would fill the gaps and shortcomings of the current cast, the more important outcome of this project was to demonstrate just how many people love variety shows and how many people pour their blood, sweat, and tears into honing their craft in order to entertain the public. This, PD Kim believes, is the best way for the show to continue to retain its uniqueness, freshness, and creativity.

Though the result of this project is important, PD Kim strove to show that there is so much talent in the variety show industry. Thus, those contestants who did not make the final cut but showed much promise will become members of a support cast called “Infinite Challenge Friends.” PD Kim explained, “Making judgments on the suitability of the top twenty one contestants, including the currently remaining five contestants, was nearly impossible. They were all so talented that it wouldn’t be far off to say that they were just as skilled as the cast of Infinite Challenge ten years ago. Although the ‘Sixth Man Project’ has ended, we hope to continue to work closely with these contestants on Infinite Challenge.”

Infinite Challenge held the “Sixth Man Project” as part of its ten-year anniversary celebration, havingthe candidates participate with the current Infinite Challenge cast in various tests. From the initial twenty-one contestants, the five remaining candidates are Kang Kyun Sung, Kwang Hee, Siwon, Jang Dong Min, and Hong Jin Kyung. On April 5th, the contestants and the cast were seen in downtown Seoul, paired up into groups of two and sent on various missions.

Meanwhile, Infinite Challenge airs at Saturdays at 6:55 PM (KST).

Source: Ilgan Sports