[★TRENDING] INFINITE reveals the original MV for “Last Romeo” starring Lovelyz Jisoo at solo concert

INFINITE kickstarted their second world tour, INFINITE EFFECT, yesterday on August 8th in Seoul, revealing for the first time the original music video for 2014 hit track “Last Romeo” starring and Lovelyz‘s Seo Jisoo as the main lead couple.

This original music video was not released previously due to slight connections to the Sewol ferry accident, while the revised music video for “Last Romeo” starring Woohyun and Lovelyz’s Mijoo instead was officially revealed in May 2014.

Lovelyz is reported to be making a comeback in August, although the latest official statement from Woollim Entertainment from last month stated that it was still uncertain if Jisoo will finally make an appearance with her fellow members this time round. Even though she was not seen recording A Song For U with Lovelyz last week, Jisoo is still frequently spotted going to work with her members.

Although the next stops for INFINITE’s second world tour have not been announced, INFINITE EFFECT will continue for its second day in Seoul today (August 9th).