Woollim Entertainment clarifies Jisoo’s return as a Lovelyz member

With the rising rumors that rookie girl group Lovelyz may have its eighth member officially return, Woollim Entertainment has clarified with an official statement. 

Just last month, Seo Jisoo – the eighth member of Lovelyz who is currently on hiatus – was spotted with the rest of the group just last month. Additionally, her profile has been updated on their official homepage, prompting further speculation from fans that she will soon be making a return.

On July 14th, Woollim Entertainment stated that “nothing has been determined” regarding her return to the group. “Nothing has been decided regarding Seo Jisoo rejoining the group Lovelyz. She is practicing with the other members, but rejoining as a member has not been determined. Lovelyz comeback has not been determined.”

Malicious rumors concerning Seo Jisoo arose just prior to Lovelyz debut with “Candy Jelly Love” causing them to debut as a 7-group member instead of eight. The group further continued promotions with a comeback with “Hello” in March, again without Seo Jisoo.

Source: X Sports News