Netizens responsible for spreading false accusations against Lovelyz Jisoo found guilty

Woollim Entertainment has officially released an update on the results of their investigation regarding Lovelyz member, Seo Jisoo

On May 8th, Woollim Entertainment announced their official position regarding the results of the investigation about the false and defamatory actions being spread about Jisoo. According to the agency, “Accused Party A and Underaged Party B were fined with a monetary penalty and sent under juvenile protection respectively.”

The official statement read that following investigations by the Seoul Western District Prosecutor’s office and Suwon District Prosecutor’s office (Ansan), the accused damaged the reputation of the victim by publicly slandering through an information and communications network. Throughout the legal process, the severity of the defamation case through the excessive spread of false information with a goal of slandering were also found out.

The agency further expressed their strong stance against malicious defamation made against their company and their artists, both offline and online.

Back in November last year, Jisoo was in the middle of preparing for her debut with Lovelyz when rumours about her allegedly sexuality and behaviours were posted online. Due to the severity of the accusations, she was not able to join the group in their promotions and was hospitalised for severe distress.

Source: OSEN