Is EXID’s Solji and Hani preparing for a Dasoni comeback?

EXID’s Solji and Hani unveils more hints on their possible unit comeback through a vague video teaser titled, “Who’s Next?” 

On May 25th, EXID updated their official Twitter account with a link through Hani’s Instagram. The video link attached featured Solji and Hani backstage being given a tablet with the message saying, “Who’s Next?” The contents of which not revealed to their audience.

Also, Hani placed the caption “Dasoni” on her post which raised speculations from her followers that a comeback may be in place.

Solji and Hani previously teamed up as project duo Dasoni back in February 2013 and promoted the track “Goodbye” from their first single, Said So Often. Back in May, they released the track “Feel The Light” as part of the animated film Home official soundtrack.

With the group’s “Ah Yeah” promotions now officially over and their agency citing a rest for the members starting the second week of June, EXID was reported to be preparing for a September comeback. But from the sound of it, a sub-unit comeback may be in the midst prior to that.