IU assures fans she is fine after having wisdom teeth removed

IU revealed to her fans yesterday that she had her wisdom teeth removed, sharing selcas of her face before and after the procedure. The “Nation’s Little Sister” posted the pictures onto her official fan cafe on October 23rd, along with the message, “Thank you for worrying about me”. Initial fan response was of collected worry, but the singer assured fans that other than having to talk less, she was doing perfectly fine and that the pain was subsiding.

Wisdom teeth are often removed because they end up misaligned, which can cause crowding and damage to adjacent teeth. They are located in the back of the mouth, which also makes them harder to clean. In fact, most people do have their wisdom teeth removed by their late teens or early twenties. And like most people who have their wisdom teeth removed, IU’s face suffered some swelling.

Despite not promoting a new album, IU has been quite active with collaborations, even winning #1 on the October 19th edition of SBS Inkigayo with “Sogyeokdong”, a collaboration with legendary singer Seo Taiji. She also performed the song as a duet with Seo Taiji at his comeback concert  “Chrismalowin” on October 18th. IU’s next collaboration, which will be with fellow label mate Yoon Hyun Sang, is set to be released with his debut album on October 31st.

Source: Star News