J.Y Park comments on SM and YG Entertainment’s involvement in digital sajaegi controversy

J.Y Park (Park Jin Young) airs his thoughts about the recent digital hoarding or sajaegi controversy and comments on SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment’s alleged involvement. 

On September 30th, J.Y Park appeared on News Room where he was asked about digital savage, the issue that currently hounds the local music industry. During the interview, J.Y Park sadly confessed that “Digital sajaegi does exists and recently a few people in the industry contacted me and asked why I wasn’t doing it myself. They said other entertainments are doing it so if we don’t it’s a loss for us. They also confessed that they were involved in sajaegi as well.”

He also stated, that “I actually asked to meet up with one of the brokers and sent one of our employees to meet and listen to what the broker said. The employee recorded the conversation and with SM, YG and Star House we brought the recorded file over to the police for investigations.”

He further explains that despite the open practice, he assures that none of the major entertainment agencies such as SM and YG Entertainment are involved in it.

He even stated during his interview that he’s heard, “6 out of the top 10 songs are rigged.”

Meanwhile, as jTBC aired the investigation on digital sajaegi controversy, a number of artists and management agencies spoke out on the allegations with YG Entertainment responding that any investigation about such claims are welcome, while Starship Entertainment launched a formal investigation towards the malicious rumours aimed against them.

2PM’s Taecyeon, on the other hand, played light towards the issue and stated that J.Y Park denied his request for sajaegi, causing much attention online.

Digital sajaeg is the digital manipulation done by artists, producers or entertainment agencies to illegally buy or stream their own albums in order to manipulate chart rankings.



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[+ 11127, – 579] We all know JYP is innocent. Their chart rankings….

[+ 8960, – 101] Sajaegi needs to disappear…I hate singers that just randomly win 1st place without any public awareness of them

[+ 8304, – 73] Such an honest man

[+6575, – 192] He must be so frustrated JYP fighting!!

[+ 2860, – 160] So at least SM, YG, JYP and Star Empire are confident of their innocence.

Source: MyDaily and Newsen