J.Y. Park reveals miss A scheduled to make comeback in summer 2015

In a recent interview with Star News on November 5th, J.Y. Park (Park Jin Young) revealed that JYP Entertainment‘s popular girl group miss A would be making a comeback this next summer!

The founder of JYP Entertainment addressed growing concern regarding the inactivity of miss A, who have not released any new music since November of 2013. J.Y. Park assured fans that miss A is still an active group under JYP Entertainment, and will begin working on a new album after member Suzy finishes filming for her upcoming movie Dorihwaga in December. He predicted the album would be ready to be released by the summer of 2015.

miss A is a four-member Korean-Chinese girl group consisting of Fei, Jia, Min and Suzy. The group started in 2010, to what many consider to be the strongest debut ever for a girl group, setting a record by winning #1 on KBS Music Bank and topping several music charts with “Good Girl Bad Girl” in less than one month! Since then, miss A has produced hit after hit with songs such as “Good Bye Baby”, “I Don’t Need a Man”, and “Hush”.

Since their last album Hush, the members of miss A have remained active through their individual activities, which include radio shows, fashion shoots, and CFs. Although fans have enjoyed the members’ individual activities, requests for a group comeback have been overwhelming.