[★BREAKING] Jessica confirms her 1 year+ relationship with Tyler Kwon

Jessica, fresh off from the release of her solo debut and comeback, has admitted to being in a relationship with her long-time rumored boyfriend, Tyler Kwon!

While Jessica is currently promoting her new solo debut, she’s being interviewed by multiple news organizations and not only about her song. TV Report decided to go another route, asking her about her relationship rumors with Tyler Kwon. Jessica responded saying, “Whether you’re a man or woman  eveything looks amazing and you’re always happy when you’re loved. I’ve never dated anyone for over a year before  him.”

When asked what makes Tyler Kwon attractive, Jessica responded to this again with a straight answer saying, “His smarts were attractive.” and continued on to even discuss children and marriage revealing, “My friends have been married and have had, and for some reason I envy them.”

Jessica than revealed that it was her wish to have two children, similar to how she has Krystal as a younger sister.

It looks like the truth has finally been revealed, congratulations to the cute couple!



Source: TV Report