Jinwoon returns to “Laws of the Jungle” after 3 years alongside SISTAR’s Dasom

Following the unofficial disbandment of 2AM, Jinwoon will be returning to the SBS survival entertainment program Laws of the Jungle.

Along with SISTAR’s Dasom, the two will be working as a team with other casts including tribe leader Kim Byung Man, Ryudam, Kangnam, Lee Jung Jin, Park Han Byul, Ryu Seung Soo, and Lee Yi Kyung. Filming for this 19th season is revealed have started April 19th on Yap Island in Micronesia, which is composed of numerous small islands on the west side of the Pacific Ocean.

Jinwoon had previous experience on the show as he had followed the team to Madagascar in 2012, so there is much anticipation towards his reunion with Kim Byung Man and Ryudam, as well as to whether he will reveal his well-trained abs again. Many are keen to see Dasom on the show as well, since she is the fairest and youngest member of her girl group.

This is most likely to be Jinwoon’s first appearance on television after the debated separation of 2AM. After news broke out that Jinwoon was headed to Mystic Entertainment and Seulong to SidusHQ to further his acting career, the two spoke up about their regret towards the group’s separation, although Jinwoon mentioned that “2AM will never disband.

Fans can expect to see Jinwoon and Dasom on Laws of the Jungle in Micronesia on television in May.