Seulong and Jinwoon break their silence on the matter of 2AM’s rumored disbanding

Seulong and Jinwoon have released their separate sentiments with regards to their decision t not renew their contracts with JYP Entertainment

On March 25th, it was reported that as Jokwon renews his contract with the agency, other members such as Jinwoon and Seulong opted not to. Seulong is said to be expanding his career as an actor under SidusHQ, while Jinwoon is in the final stages of signing with Mystic Entertainment. Other member Changmin, however, remains with the agency, until his contract expiration in July.

Updating 2AM’s official fan cafe on March 26th, the two members shared their thoughts on leaving the agency.

To prevent confusion from their fans and followers alike, Seulong started the statement saying,  “This is Im Seulong,” before saying, “There certainly was a lot of confusion and chaos today. We knew what IAMs would have to go through and it pained us to have to put you through such pains. I think after much thought we found a way for all of us to be a little happier. The reason it’s hard to believe what happened is because the 4 of us are so close and even in this situation we try to help each other by sharing what we can to better each others’ lives. We have been separated on document but nothing can separate the lives we have led and the fact that we decided to always be together.”

He ended the statement with a heartfelt sentiment as a member of the group saying, “The title of my 20’s is 2AM how could I let my life and you guys, who love me so much, go? Don’t worry. I know you’re worried about one thing but don’t worry I am not letting go of music either.”

On a separate update, Jinwoon also talked about his departure from the agency and revealed that the members were involved in their decision. He started his statement saying that, “Kwon hyung said it so well that I feel like I don’t have to explain anything else~? There isn’t much I want to say~! 2AM will never disband. So don’t worry that we’re getting separated. Don’t be sad either this is all us trying to become happier and make the best of things..We will always do our best for each other and pray for each other. 2AM will always be here and working hard so IAM you need to protect us and pray for us..and believe in us..okay? We’ve gone through too much don’t let a little thing like this get you down~so let’s all fighting! and start our 2nd chapter..okay?”

Appeasing his fans’ worries, he closed his statement with a bittersweet message saying, “You all know how much we love you right?! It’s tough cause it’s hard to express in words~I love you.”

Despite parting ways with their agency, JYP Entertainment reassured fans that the group will remain intact and will not officially disband.

Source: Newsen (1,2)