Jisoo will make her official debut with Lovelyz in new album, “Lovelyz8”

Woollim Entertainment‘s girl group Lovelyz is finally going to promote with the full strength of eight members as Jisoo finally makes an appearance.

With similar hair color and different hairstyles in the first teaser image, the eight girls placed their arms around one another’s hips, highlighting their close friendship.

The group’s upcoming album name is revealed to be Lovelyz8, placing a huge significance on their first opportunity in carrying out promotional activities with their original number of members. Member Jisoo was not able to join the seven other girls in their debut in November 2014 due to a controversy of malicious rumors which were spreading around. She was also not able to join the group in repackaged activities in March this year.

However, there were hints on the way regarding her return, although the entertainment company was still ambiguous about the certainty of her being a Lovelyz member. She was seen with the other members around the Woollim building on several occasions, their official homepage added Jisoo into the member profile, and the original “Last Romeo” music video starring and herself as a couple which was shown at INFINITE‘s solo concert.