Jo In Sung and Yonghwa terrified by sasaengs breaking into their house

Although celebrities love their fans, sometimes obsessed fans go overboard and cause trouble for their idols. Actor Jo In Sung and CNBlue‘s Yonghwa are just the latest to be dealing with sasaeng troubles. 

Sasaengs, or overly-obsessed fans, have been known for invading the private space of celebrities, and can even pose a dangerous threat sometimes. The more famous a star becomes, the more fans (and the more sasaengs) the celebrity will attract.

Popular actor Jo In Sung and CNBlue lead vocalist Yonghwa, two of the hottest male stars in South Korea right now, both recently faced some trouble with sasaeng fans discovering the location of and trespassed in their respective homes.

Yonghwa tweeted, “This is a really delicate issue but I have to say it. I know you love me and I’m very thankful but I truly wish you would not come looking for me at my house. It’s chuseok and my parents who were over were very startled. I’m sorry about this message so late at night. Sleep tight.”

Jo Insung’s house was broken into by a 31 year old Chinese person who broke in to his place at 12:20 AM and threw a tantrum demanding he come out.

Netizens online expressed their concern for their favorite celebrities and voiced their opinions on the scary acts of sasaeng fans.





Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[+ 11359, – 91] Heol at the Chinese person….looks like they need CCTVs inside their house too

[+ 9341, – 100] Sigh…Sasaengs aren’t fans

[+ 7144, – 91] Sasaengs need to be gotten rid of

[+ 4622, – 41] That’s not a fan that’s an obsessive stalker…they have issues

[+ 4866, – 119] He’s still so polite…his psyche must be exhausted…friggin Sasaengs

[+ 3892, – 79] Can you imagine how frustrated he must have been to upload something like that in the middle of night? Please let’s refrain from such actions…I feel so sorry for him

Source: YTN, X Sports News