[★VIDEO] Jo Yeo Jeong vs Clara, “Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies” movie posters released

Upcoming film Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies or also known as Working Girl, directed by Jeong Beom Shik, has unleashed movie posters featuring actresses Jo Yeo Jeong and Clara.

The hot movie posters have garnered much attention as they display two different charms. The sky blue poster of character Bo Hee (played by Jo Yeo Jeong) depicts a confident and chic businesswoman in tight suits, while the pink poster of character Nan Hee (played by Clara) shows a sweet yet sexy CEO of an adult toy shop. As the posters indicate, Nan Hee is the perfect definition of today’s working woman but lacks a healthy sex life. Yet, Nan Hee is a perfect sexy woman, but has no love in life.

The upcoming comedy film, Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies will draw a story of two different characters, a career woman Bo Hee who gets laid off one day and a CEO of adult toy shop Nan Hee who is about to file bankruptcy, coming together as business partners. Movie fans are thrilled and curious to see these actresses execute unique personalities in the film.

The film is set to release next January.


Source: TV Report