Just 15 Photos Of BTS’s V Looking Like The King Of Visuals

The visual king has arrived.

BTS‘s V is known for his flawless visuals and infectious smile. He seems to be able to pull off any fashion style or look that he wears and is an instant show-stopper with his charms. To celebrate their recent comeback, let’s take the time to enjoy V’s even more upgraded visuals for their new album. Yes, you’re welcome.

Million dollar smile

Prince V has arrived.

You all wish he would look at you like that.

That nose is so sharp it could cut paper.

You know how we all feel about Tae and his tongue.

Hey, good lookin’

That casual ‘iknowimcute’ smirk

A classic side-profile V

Side profile part 2

You could just melt with that stare.

How you doin’ handsome

Too cute for words

Fierce yet reserved

Imagine if he was looking at you.

Tae the visual king

Get ready to see more of V’s amazing visuals with their first stage performance in Korea on February 27 at 6 PM KST on Mnet M Countdown.