JYJ’s Jaejoong is scientifically proven to be the “Most Beautiful Man in Asia”

A 2011 article from HealthMedi has come to light as it analyzed the face structure of JYJ’s Jaejoong to crown him as the “Most Beautiful Man in Asia.”

The paper introduces how the mind perceives beauty by describing the brain’s spindle that recognizes the relationships between facial features. Thus, beauty can be determined in the short span of 0.1 second. Through a poll among various Chinese netizens on sites such as Sina and Weibo, Jaejoong took first place as the most beautiful man.

Plastic surgeons explained the best face is one that is not too triangular nor too angled but one that gives a sense of stability and neutrality. The two sides of the face must be perfectly symmetrical and the golden ratio among eyes to nose to mouth is 1.618:1. Finally, the nose must be clear and slightly carved to give a sophisticated impression, also making the face look smaller.

Source: HealthMedi