JYP Entertainment reveals intense competition format of “SIXTEEN”

JYP Entertainment‘s new competition show, titled SIXTEEN, made its premiere on May 5th.

Mnet’s SIXTEEN was revealed to be a debut project to help J.Y. Park decide who will be chosen to become members in the upcoming girl group Twice. The competitors are divided into two groups: seven “major group” members and nine “minor group” members, having a total of sixteen participants.

Prior to the actual competition, JYP Entertainment’s trainers and A&R team gathered together to divide the JYP trainees into the major and minor groups. The trainees placed in the “major group” receive celebrity treatment while the “minor group” trainees are given the opposite treatment. The benefits of being a part of the “major group” are receiving better forms of transportation, housing, and rehearsal times. The “minor group” members are restricted from the practice rooms until the “major group” members have finished. According to the show, the “minor group” can only use the rehearsal rooms from 9pm to 9am.

Trainee Ji Hyo has been training for ten years and feels confident that her skills will surpass the other competitors, but Ji Hyo ended up shedding tears as JYP placed her in the “minor group.” Jung Yeon, a competitor who has been training alongside Ji Hyo, has also been placed in the “minor group.” Unexpectedly, Mina who has been training for a year, had been placed above Ji Hyo and Jung Yeon into the “major group” after receiving many compliments from the JYP employees.

The purpose of the show is for “major group” members to work hard to hold their place while “minor group” members fight for a spot in the “major group.” A competitor from the “minor group” will be eliminated every week, so it is crucial for each competitor to push her limits and perform her best each week.

SIXTEEN is set to air every Tuesday at 11pm KST on Mnet.

Source: My Daily