KARA drops elegant image teaser for 7th mini-album, “In Love”

On May 13th, KARA confirmed their May comeback with the release of an image teaser for their upcoming seventh mini-album, In Love.

After previous reports and hints that the group would be making a return to the music industry, agency DSP Media delighted followers with the release of an image teaser to announce KARA’s comeback.

The image teaser reveals not only the title of the upcoming release but perhaps also the theme that fans can expect. Set as a two-by-two photo, the sections all follow a theme of elegance. From perfume spray and flowers to diamonds and necklaces, the image gives off a more mature springtime feeling. Additionally, the group reportedly will be returning with a fresh and mature concept, leaving even more room to wonder what to expect from the girls.

Fans have shared their excitement upon this confirmation especially in light of the fact that their last Korean comeback was almost a year ago in August 2014 with Day & Night.

Take a look at the image teaser here: