Girls’ Generation, KARA, SISTAR and more strongly speculated to make their comebacks in June

The ultimate battle of the girl groups is expected for the month of June as Girls’ Generation, KARA, SISTAR and more prepare for a possible comeback. 

A report from Sports Donga on April 29th revealed that the music industry is preparing for a possible “girl group era” after a number of groups are rumoured to start on their respective promotions. Armed with their own charms and talents, the competition between the veteran groups such as Girls’ Generation, KARA and SISTAR are expected to go against their junior counterparts, Girl’s Day and Apink.

It is stated that Girls’ Generation is rumoured to be make their return in June with the release of their fifth full-length album. This will be their first material since releasing Mr.Mr last year and their last album I Got A Boy back in 2013. It will also be their first time promoting as eight members in the Korean market following Jessica Jung’s departure.

Meanwhile, KARA is also rumoured to be preparing for their return following their promotions for Summergic in Japan.

Focusing on their individual promotions since their last release, it is also speculated that the sexy, quartet, SISTAR, will also be returning in June. However, no other information or hints from the group and the agency were given to confirm these speculations aside from the fact that most of their releases such as “Alone” and “Loving U” were scheduled around this time.

Joining the veteran for this “girl group era” are their junior counterparts Girl’s Day and Apink as they continue to gain a steady following with their previous promotions.

Previously, Girl’s Day mentioned plans for a comeback is possible between the month of May and June after Minah’s solo promotion, while Apink remains busy with their Luv promotions in Japan and various showcase across Asia.

Popular in their own right with a number of successful materials under their belt, fans and critics alike cannot help but speculate as to which group remains victorious this  June should the predictions happen.

Source: Sports Donga