Kim So Hyun shares natural selca featuring round spectacles and hair rollers

On May 31st, popular actress Kim So Hyun shared a selca with fans, which attracted a lot of attention due to her natural beauty. 

The actress, who was recently confirmed to be starring in the upcoming film Pure Love alongside EXO‘s D.O and Lee David, shared the photo of her natural face, complete with circular-framed glasses and hair rollers.

Fans expressed their appreciation for Kim So Hyun’s youthful beauty, showering her with compliments.

1. [+4407, -147] Wow, Kim So Hyun is so pretty

2. [+3507, -138] Kim So Hyun is pleasantly beautiful which matches her age  

3. [+2455, -155] Really pretty^^ I’m loving Who Are You

The actress is currently starring in the KBS 2TV drama Who Are You — School 2015.

Source: Xports News