Kim Tae Bum reveals MV teaser for “On Rainy Days” ft. Girl’s Day Sojin

On February 3rd, Kim Tae Bum of Party Street revealed a music video teaser for the upcoming track “On Rainy Days” featuring Girl’s Day’s Sojin.

While it was previously reported that the girl group member Yura would be contributing her acting abilities to the emotional music video, the release of the teaser surprised fans by announcing that Sojin would also be lending her talents to the song.

Just as in the photo teaser, Yura is seen standing alone. Holding a yellow umbrella to accompany her in the dark, rainy night, she appears heartbroken as streams of tears suddenly run down her face. The steady pitter patter of the raindrops can be heard behind her before Kim Tae Bum’s low and husky vocals come in.

“On Rainy Days” is set to be released on February 4th.

Check out the video teaser here: