Kim Tae Hee joins Joo Won for “Yong Palyi” first script reading session

Kim Tae Hee is confirmed to return to the small screen after almost two years and has attended the first script reading with co-star Joo Won, and more.

After it was revealed that the actress was in talks for the drama, it has now been confirmed that she accepted the offer and attending the first script reading session for the drama.

In an official statement, the actress revealed, “I’ve always wanted to be an heiress to a chaebol family and I want to show it in a new character than those before. It’s also my first Korean drama in a long time so It’s very exciting.

The pair will star alongside Stephanie lee, Chae Jung Ahn, Oh Jung Sae, and Cho Jae Yoon who also attended the script reading for Yong Palyi.

The script reading took place on June 15h and according to officials the atmosphere was very bright with Joo Won. She was further described to have been very focused and did well despite her two year hiatus.

Yong Palyi will tell the story of a talented doctor, Kim Tae Hyun, who makes house calls for rich individuals no matter the situation. He takes any call regardless of the location or client simply for money. Eventually, he encounters the sole heiress to the Hanshin Group, who was involved in a major accident and is in the hospital due to a mystery ailment, recovering.

Joo Won will be playing the Kim Tae Hyun, a third-year general surgery resident who is deep in debt because of his sister’s expensive dialysis treatments. As a result, he makes house calls to the rich and wealthy to make a living. Meanwhile, Kim Tae Hee’s character was intelligent and bright from a young age, however, is currently in the hospital after a major accident.

SBS‘s Yong Palyi will premiere following the finale of Mask on July 30th.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Hee has been in a public relationship with singer and actor Rain since 2013 and while rumors of wedding bells were proven false, fans have continued to stay hopeful. 

Source: Isplus, Edaily