Kim Tae Hee sparks more wedding rumors with Rain

Actress Kim Tae Hee’s contract conditions for the upcoming SBS drama Yongpalyi has garnered another round of attention with respect to the possible wedding with Rain.

According to multiple broadcasting affiliates on May 27th KST, the production team and HB Entertainment are in the last stages of finalising the casting agreement. The contract conditions have garnered much attention as HB Entertainment requested to add a condition of consent in case any marriage related event happens during the filming of the drama.

Previously, Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee were reported to be in talks for the leading roles of the upcoming drama. As it is set to broadcast between August and October, many speculate Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s wedding to possibly take place by the end of this year. However, according to an insider, the couple has yet to make the formal bride-bridegroom bow.

Earlier this year, media outlets reported that Rain has finally proposed to his girlfriend, Kim Tae Hee and has revealed that the two will hold their wedding in 2015. However, the wedding rumors were immediately followed with multiple denials by both parties’ agencies and Kim Tae Hee’s father himself.

Meanwhile, Rain is to release an album, film, and drama this year. Likewise, Kim Tae Hee has just finished filming for a Chinese film and is awaiting her filming for Yongpalyi.

Source: Star News